Friday, April 25, 2008

When shall we start?

Ladies - and it is "Ladies", because Alejo left us (momentarily too much troubles):
Let's set a date. Shall we say 25th of May for the first mailing?
That means: in the course of the next (let's say) ten days each of us posts either the theme for her book or an information that there will be none ;-)
And we should look on the order to send the books (do you prefer someone to send to or to get from?)

Please let me hear your voices!


Anonymous said...

I hope my moleskine has already arrived on that date! If so...I vote to get started! I would love to send and recieve! :D Love...moni.

rockronie said...

I think people who are really ready can send it on May 25. I don't have problem with that date. I've started a little bit on my book. People who are not able to receive their moleskines before the deadline can send later, as soon as they can.

I've decided to use text/ure as my theme, i.e. texture and text. I'm still trying to figure out how can I make the best pages for this theme. We'll do 2 pages right? I'll make an "instruction" page so I'll work on the first 4 pages (including the real pages)

For the order, in my group (moly_x_11), we use geographical order. It doesn't help much since we all from different continents. But this group, if we do geographical order, then 2 members from USA can have a cheaper postage. Or some other people think draw lots will be more fair for the order (coz it's postage involved), I'll be fine with it too. For me, the costs of postage are all the same.

Susanne said...

Hi Monica, hi Ronnie,

I think we should set a date which is comfortable for all of us (and anyone can send her book earlier if she wants to - that gives the next person more time to work on it.)
I really want to start, when the last one has a book and - let's say - two weeks to work on it. We will spend a quite long time with this project and it doesn't matter when we start two or three weeks later. June is a fine month too. ;-))

I think the order I proposed earlier works fine (taking out Alejo).

Theresa Hall said...

I think the mailing order you set up was just fine, Susanne. Are we going to work on four pages since we have a less amount of members?
As for MY theme, I keep changing my mind. :)

rockronie said...

Or 3 pages?

So the order would be the same as the member list on the right?

Susanne said...

Hi -
I think three pages are okay - but who wants to do only two can feel free to do so.

The order (starting with my moly):
Susanne sends to Ronny,
Ronny sends to Mónica
Mónica to Maria Elena
Maria Elena to petunia_rocks
petunia_rocks to Katya
Katya to Theresa
and Theresa to Susanne

And the one who fills up the last page sends the book back to his owner.

katya said...

I am happy with this order.
I am still thinking about my theme

Petunia_Rocks said...

hi all! may 25th sounds great & my theme is text & texture. susanne, the order you created for the mailing is perfect.

rockronie said...

Yep I'm fine with the order. Do you mind putting this order on the right hand side? Because I will always forgot. Hahaha.

Malebrijes said...

I think the time to start is ok with me. I think I will wet my moleskine on time. I would like to receive and sent more or less at the same time. If possibloe.

Its ok with me about the bag and the article inside. I am ready


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! For me I´m almost ready, my moleskine should be here by early next week! :D So the date will be fine with me, in the mean time I´m working on my theme, but I´m sure we are all gonna have fun! Have a great weekend!