Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sign In Pocket and Intro Page

This is a pocket I put into my moleskine where everyone can sign in. The mailing order and instructions are written on the card.
The other page is an introduction for our project. Can't wait to see what everyone will do in my little book.-Theresa in Tucson


Susanne said...

I'm dumbstruck ... Theresa, your moly is so awesome! I will have fear to create anything in it because I don't want to spoil it!
Your theme kills one of my proposals (I thought of "Fantastic Journey" *lol*) Yours is better! I think I will choose "Text/ure" (don't know whether this works in English - in German it transports two meanings)

I need your postal adresses, folks!!

rockronie said...

Wow this is amazing!!
Yeah I agree on Susanne that I don't know if I will ruin your amazing sketchbook or not. Hahaha. So do you mean that we have to introduce ourselves by making a card and put it in the small pocket?

Petunia_Rocks said...

i also like the idea of the "pocket" - i've been doing it for a couple years now. they sell adhesive backed cd sleeves at the office supplies stores here in the U.S.. if you need some, let me know and i'll gladly mail a 5-pack to you once we get the project going. :-)
(well, maybe not for this project, bc the sleeves are wider than the small moleskine, but perhaps for another book that you're working on.)

BTW, everybody ... can we settle on a date soon?

Susanne said...

I'm thinking of May, 15th to start the sending (we should have a few days to prepare our own moleskines and have an exchange here on the blog about the themes - I think a month for this should be enough time?)

But before setting a date I would prefer waiting for everyone having sent his adress and telling us that the moleskine album is at his hand (so we can know that all are ready to go).

Theresa Hall said...

:) I thought everyone would sign that card but I like Ronny's idea more-everyone make an intro card and stick it in that first pocket of my journal. Great idea, Ronny! Now I have to go back and do something more to MY card.
As for my theme, I like "Fantastic Journey" and would be happy to go with that!
P.S You guys can't do anything to be fearful about in my moleskine. I love interaction with artists, we all have our own vision and we all can learn from each other.

Anonymous said...

Your first entry is really beautiful!, I guess experience is everything whe it comes to art, I´ll treasure my moleskine forever! :D