Monday, April 14, 2008

Susanne's Moleskine: Theme

Hi dear artists!

I said I would make some proposals, so that we all can choose one of them ... Now I have a theme I would prefer, but I'm willing to go for another one if most of you don't agree with it!

My first proposal for a theme: "'Words with birds' or 'It sounds beautifully, but I don't know what it means'" (I would be deeply grateful if one of the native speakers could translate that in proper English before we start!)
I think, I must explain the theme *g*: I thought about pages with either a text scrap or a single word on it in a language or writing the artist doesn't know - but of which he likes the presumed sound or the appearance. The word or text must not be completely visible, it may be just a layer or background ingredient. And the second part of the challenge: A bird. Or part of a bird. Or something you associate with it.
And, third of all: Leave something in the pocket for the next artist. He/she can use it or send it as it is to the next person or substitute it with something else ... (feel free to do with it what you want - but there must be something in this pocket, when you send it to the next artist.)

Is that a possible theme you could live with?

My second line proposals:

Me, myself and I
Clowns and Heroes
Fantastic journey / Fantastic world (You know, I'm a writer of Fantasy novels!)
Rainbow (A colour challenge - free theme)

Okay - the discussion is open!


Theresa Hall said...

Oh I vote for "Fantastic Journey" :)

Petunia_Rocks said...

susanne: i vote for Text/ure and/or color challenge. your choices are really fabulous, by the way. i had a hard time choosing.

rockronie said...

Um it's really difficult to choose. I like "words with birds" and "text/ure". I just love words and I can do a lot with them. it's so funny that I just did my own journal entry with words and a bird. Hahaha.

I love the idea of leaving something in the pocket for the next artist to put in their entry. Just an image or something. That would be fun to do, no matter what theme it is.

Susanne said...

*chuckle* - that will be fun, we have three votes and four different choices (including my own ...) Well, we can do some more turns after this one together ;-)))

Petunia_Rocks said...

i'm all for fantastic journey! i think that's a great theme! it can encompass so much ... that if i wanted, i could add text and texture! after all, aren't these books taking a fantastic journey? :-)

Malebrijes said...

Hi Susanne!! I like the "words with birds" I think it can be very creative, many images are around me right now. I like it

Anonymous said...

I think all choices are wonderful and we can do so much, I propose that each artist decides wich choice he or she likes and let it be a surprise for the next artist! Just thinking´...I really love the idea of putting something for the nex artist to use on a pocket!So exiting! Wonderful! :D

Malebrijes said...

I agree with Monikat, every artist should decide a theme and that way enrich the event.