Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hi folks!

Nice to see you *g*.

First of all: Please send me your postal adresses to my email (sgerdom (at) gmail (dot) com) I will collect them and send the whole list to each of us - I've got your email adresses.
Second: Go and get your japanese albums, please. If you don't know where to buy them: ebay. ;-)
Third: I tried to make a list in which order we can send the books, so that the distance for each book is as short as possible. Well, no, that was impossible. Forget it. I made a list: Look at it and say yes or no. (Starting with my moly:)

Susanne sends to Ronny,
Ronny sends to exo~
exo~ to Mónica
Mónica to Maria Elena
Maria Elena to petunia_rocks
petunia_rocks to Katya
Katya to Theresa
and Theresa to Susanne

Okay? If you want another sequence, let's talk about it.

I thougt about different orders for the different books, but it would be too complicated - we all have to work in all books and so it's better the books go always the same way.

Do you think, a month on each book is a good time? And the other thing I'm not sure: shall we do two turns for every book (that would say: everyone creates two pages per turn, one person is left over - I would propose, the owner of the certain book - so he or she gets more of the other artists in her or his book ...)
Or we make only one turn - then we can create four pages ... I don't know. I personally love the tiny format, I would prefer a two-pages-solution.

Oookay. Now I have to introduce myself and say a word or two about the proposals I thought about the theme for my album.

Sorry, tomorrow. I'm dropping dead ... ;-)


rockronie said...

Sent! Wow Suzanne you're very organized and quick. Do we have to set a deadline on when should we start posting our sketchbook for the first time. And are we going to do a first entry on our sketchbook first?

Susanne said...

Hi Ronnie - thank you, but normally I'm as organized as a mad hatter ;-))

I think a deadline is good (we should wait 'til everyone said "Ready" and then set one). And yes, I think a first entry on the own book would be a good start.

Petunia_Rocks said...

Susanne - I'm going to the art store today and hoping that they'll have the fold-out moleskine, otherwise I'll order one as suggested. I think that everyone has to have their moleskine by, let's say, May 15th, for example ... and then Ready Day should be set as well ... and books should be mailed out on a set day every month ... like the 15th of every month. What do you think of that? BTW, I'm super-psyched about this project and I'm so honored to have been included! U roc!

Susanne said...

Hi petunia_rocks,

thank you, I got your mail!
Your suggestion about the start sounds perfectly fine, and also the fixed date for sending the books. I would like to follow your proposal - if everything is resolved until then.
I'm very, very jazzed too!

rockronie said...

Yeah I think 2 pages is fine with me too. And doing 2 turns for the sketchbook sounds great.