Saturday, April 19, 2008

Introduction - Katya

Hi! I am here again. Some time we all have bad time or very busy week...

I have my Japanese Moly and I finally got an idea for my first entry.

About me – I am Russian but now live in Los Angeles. I worked as a photographer for some museums in St.Petersburg, Russia.

My English is not good enough because I am still learning. I will make mistakes – please have mercy. I also learn Spanish but my Spanish is next to zero. I am taking printmaking and ceramics classes at local community college. They also have great silkscreen printing program. I like etching and linocut but now I make silkscreen prints and some times print directly into my moly. In addition, I like paper cutting and folk art. I think I don’t have my personal stile because I like to experiment with different techniques. Right now, I try to explore solvent transfer technique.

I am a little bit slow and I still struggle with my English but do not worry I will send my book on time.


Petunia_Rocks said...

Привет Катя! Не волнуйтесь о вашем английском - это - штраф. Фактически, когда Вы можете тянуть как способ, которым Вы тянете, тогда люди более прощают. :-) До свидания!

rockronie said...

oh wow petunia you can speak Russian? That's impressive. And no Katya, I don't think your English is bad. It's pretty good and I understand completely what you're talking about. ^_^

katya said...

thank you both, Petunia_Rocks and Rockronie

Susanne said...

Hi Katya,

fine to read from you. As you can clearly see, your English is much better than mine (I try not to apologize for that in _each_ post. Posting? Who knows ... LOL)
I love your silkscreen prints and I'm an admirer of your "Sky".

(Wow, Margaret - I'm impressed!)

Petunia_Rocks said...

susanne & rockronie - don't be too impressed ... :-) check out this website:

i WISH i could speak & write in russian!

Susanne said...


katya said...

to Petunia_Rocks:

I thought it was “Babel Fish Translation”
It sounds very funny and puzzling in Russian ;) I like it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now I regret I didn´t pay attention when my mom was studying Russian! I guess we could share some words in our lenguages! I´m Mexican...Hola, for hi! I´m glad we are going to be sharing! :D