Saturday, April 12, 2008

Introduction - Susanne

Ronnie and petunia_rocks have set a good example - I will follow!
I'm a german writer and live with two human beings and two cats in a small town near the dutch frontier. (I love it - after almost 30 years living in the center of Dusseldorf!)
I'm half a century old (*sigh*) and my first attempts in creating collages and mixed media stuff happened in February ... I bought my first moleskine, loved it, discovered several moleskine-groups on the web, glued and painted my first three collages and showed them on my flickr-stream.
Then asked me to participate in an exhibition of moleskine art journals at the London Book Fair (wow, that's today!!). They sent me a sketchbook and I filled it up within three weeks. It was a learning-by-doing marathon, and I loved it!
Now I'm infected with the "glue something on something" virus. I hope we will have a great, thrilling, creative exchange and I can't wait to start!

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