Thursday, May 29, 2008

News from Maria Elena

Hi guys, I got a mail from Male and asked her whether I may publish it here:

"... I have not been able to open my blog or the flicker, I just moved to Cancun and lost my keyword to enter, but I sent the two moleskines early this morning to Petunia, Margaret GOnzales to Miami Srpings, the number of DHL is 6812288070, will you please send it to her.
Something else. I will need the phone numbers of the others as to send them their moleskines, it is one oth the thong that DHL asks me as to send it.
Will you send me a message with some info so that I can try to open the blog?? And if you have them also the emails of the others??

I was not able to set the moleskines on the web becasue almy things are packed. As soon as possible I wil do it. The theme of my Moleskine is LET THE WORLD SHINE BECAUSE OF LOVE.

I talked to the director of the local Museum whic is quite nice. And asked about the possiblities on a show of our mleskines and she liked the idea. Lets see. Would you like it to happen?"

I gave her all emails and Marty's too - perhaps he can help her with the password.
And the museum thing sounds interesting!

Have a nice day!

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