Thursday, May 22, 2008

My entry

Sorry for posting these pictures late. I have problem writing on the blog last time and then I forget about it. Hahaha. I hope you guys like it.

Place for you guys to sign up. Or you know, write your name.

My theme is: text/ure. Thanks Susanne for your inspiration.
There's one thing about this moly. I want you guys to write what materials are used at the back of your entry. When you receive my moly, you turn it over and you can see it. Thanks.

When I'm working on this entry, I found that my theme can be quite difficult. You guys you can do whatever you think about this theme. I try to use a pen to write text all over the page but failed. So the first line is really screwed up.

I love pictures of the table. It's at Starbucks. And looks like I'm working hard.

I love the idea that we will include something in the pocket for the next person to use. I haven't figure out what yet. But then I decorated the pocket as well.

I can't wait for the first swap. Sorry I have to post it on May 26.



Susanne said...

Ronny - great! I love it, I love how you realized the theme - I'm looking forward to work in your moley.

Yes, I set a impractical date for our first sending - Sunday! I will send my moleskine on Monday, 26th.

Susanne said...

STARBUCKS! *sigh* I loved sitting there, drinking cappuccino (extra strong) and writing ... Now I'm living in a Starbuck-free-area - the only thing I hate here!

Anonymous said...

Love your entry Rockronie! I would appreciate a bit more info about the theme... do I have to use words? I´m a bit confused... :) Thanks! xoxo.

rockronie said...

To Monicat,
Yea you should use words. Because it's text and texture. I would love handwritten words because I find that people from different country write differently. That would be interesting to see. So you can try to put different layers of stuff and mix with words.

Yeah I just realize that too coz no post office will open on a Sunday. It's okay. Yeah I love starbucks coz that is probably one of the best place for me to relax, have a cup of coffee and do my work there. Is there other cafe around where you live?

Theresa Hall said...

Monday, the 26th is a holiday here Susanne so our post offices are closed. Mine will be in the mail to you on Tuesday.
Ronny-I like all the texture you've got going in your entry. It will be fun

Mónica Zúñiga said...

Sounds great Rockronie! ;D