Friday, August 8, 2008

Rock Rony´s entry for Theresa´s Hall Molly

Ronny asked me to take some pictures of her work because she couldn´t do it, so here it is, I most say it´s really beautiful, everybody´s work is full of love energy and so colorful, I have to specialy mention Susanna´s ATC´s with her photo, it is amazing!! Loved it!


Susanne said...

Wow - Ronny, you did a great work!

rockronie said...

Thank you so much for taking pic of my entry. I was really in a hurry so I've forgotten to do that. =P

I have bad news that I need to go through a big surgery now. Please keep me in your prayers and I might be behind for the next moly.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ronnie! Please take care of your self! We want you creating and having fun with us!! Much love from Mexico!! ;D